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Created in 2000 the CTTE - Training Center Special Tactics Techniques and is today one of the most active companies in the area of ​​police training in Brazil . With activities nationwide the CTTE has been notable for courses in the areas of Public Safety and Private . Throughout its thirteen years of existence have been responsible for conducting training for Security Agents Judicial eighteen Federal Courts in several states of Brazil , as well as the training of thousands of Civil Police , Military , Municipal Guards and Military Armed Forces . The CTTE is characterized by the uniqueness in their training . With a highly qualified faculty , distinguished for their courses keep the same quality since its inception.

The CTTE was the first company in Brazil to devise and put into practice , with a success unparalleled in partnership with IDC College , the courses Postgraduate Diploma in Special Police Operations , which is already in its third edition and is a blockbuster amid police . We are also responsible for the creation of two other unpublished in academic courses focused on the private sector . It is of course Postgraduate Protection Authorities and Graduate APH Emergency Department .

In Rio Grande do Sul are the only company to have its own office as a Field Training , a training area unique and incomparable to conduct our training.

Due to the quality of our work and excellent name built over thirteen years of activity, we were able to connect the world's top brands in the area of training and manufacturing police equipment , getting a mission to represent them exclusively in Brazil . This is the ASP American , Armament Systems and Procedures (www.asp-usa.net) , the largest manufacturer of police batons in the world , being present in police departments in more than 82 countries , of which we have exclusivity for the realization of training and equipment sales to Brazil . We have an exclusive sales representation of tactical equipment of Giant Chinese Long An (http://www.anlong.cn/cn/products/cheliang) , a leading manufacturer of police equipment in China . Throughout 2013 we are the only training company in Brazil authorized to teach courses involving the TASER Electronic Devices Control (http://www.taser.com) Internationally recognized company.

Knowing that our success depends solely on the quality of our work will continue to carry it always with the same quality to every corner of Brazil , where we are invited . So we have a motto.

“There is a crisis that can not be resolved , only the training will give you the necessary conditioning to be able to face it - Come train with us.”

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